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50 Color Palettes To Inspire Your Next Creative Project

Color is one of those tricky things, its not something that you just jump into and find the correct solution in one go.

Design Studio Spotlight: Hoodzpah

Since that first time hearing them speak at Creative South, I've heard them speak many times and I have to say that if they're speaking or holding a workshop near you go see these two amazing creatives! (:

How to Deal with Being Creatively Frustrated?

The first question in this series—from the Design Break podcast— is one that I feel every creative, regardless of which discipline you may specialize in or find you’re passionate about can relate to.

What You Need Before You Start Your Next Design Project

Learn about a key part of my process that I neglected for so long and one you may be neglecting as well.

My Choice To Work For Myself

The first couple of weeks after I announced this big move, I was flooded with project inquiries, and job offers that I didn't know what to do really.

A New Beginning as a Full Time Freelancer

Two years ago I felt as if I wasn’t ready to freelance full time while living in Savannah, GA. I had spent the year before working full time for a branding agency and never even picked up a freelance gig.