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5 Rules for Effective Visual Storytelling

Finding the right way to tell your brand’s story can be a difficult task to do so unless you know the right way of pairing words and imagery together.

Artist Spotlight: Tad Carpenter's Super Bowl LIV Poster

With last weekend's big Super Bowl event featuring the San Francisco 49ers & the Kansas City Chiefs now behind us—spoiler alert: the Chiefs won!

Artist Spotlight: Diana Stoyanova

One of my favorite Illustrators that I've been following and been inspired by over the last couple of years is the spectacular Diana Stoyanova.

My Interview with Illustrator Tom Froese

This interview is an excerpt from an episode of the Design Break Podcast, where I sat down and interviewed my friend Tom Froese, a fantastic illustrator and designer.

50 Color Palettes To Inspire Your Next Creative Project

Color is one of those tricky things, its not something that you just jump into and find the correct solution in one go.

Artist Spotlight: Yu Nagaba

I've been following Yu Nagaba's work for a while now but I honestly didn't know a whole lot about him until I started digging around and found this video interview he did on YouTube. When you look at his illustrations and take note of the style, its so very simplistic, elegant and filled with personality—something that I myself try to encompass in my own doodles as well.

How to Deal with Being Creatively Frustrated?

The first question in this series—from the Design Break podcast— is one that I feel every creative, regardless of which discipline you may specialize in or find you’re passionate about can relate to.

What You Need Before You Start Your Next Design Project

Learn about a key part of my process that I neglected for so long and one you may be neglecting as well.

Using Illustrations to Help Reach Visual Learners

Today we know of four different types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The largest of the four types? Visual learners. About 65% of the population falls under this category.

Why Does Hiring An Illustrator Cost So Much?

There is a huge difference between the value that illustrators create for you, the clients/partners, then what you find with “Ready to Use” or stock illustrations on sites like Stocksy or Shutterstock.