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Reactive vs Reflective: The Power of the Pause

I've learned a lot over the years about my behavior and how I've always struggled with reacting vs reflecting on things and situations. This article takes a deep dive into what I discovered about myself and others.

My Experience at San Diego Pop-Up CropCon

Over the years, I've attended a lot of different conferences, including Creative South, Circles, and Adobe MAX. However, I've never been to CropCon in the last four years that it was in Baton Rouge, LA, but I have wanted to attend. 

How to Deal with Being Creatively Frustrated?

The first question in this series—from the Design Break podcast— is one that I feel every creative, regardless of which discipline you may specialize in or find you’re passionate about can relate to.

Are Creatives Born or Are They Made?

It's easy for people to say, "you were born with it; you were born with the gift of being creative." My typical response is that it has nothing to do with being born with anything.

First Trip Around the Sun… As a Freelancer!

Today marks the first anniversary of me beginning my new path of working as a full-time freelancer. Crazy right?

My Choice To Work For Myself

The first couple of weeks after I announced this big move, I was flooded with project inquiries, and job offers that I didn't know what to do really.

The Start of a Freelancer’s Journey to Becoming Healthy

Back in 2014, I was in the best shape of my life. In about 8–9 months' time I had lost around 80 lbs and was at my lowest weight since I was in middle school.

Work Life Balance

Let's talk about “Work-Life Balance”. Talk about one of the most overused phrases in the startup era but definitely a necessary one. So let's break it all down and analyze it.

A New Beginning as a Full Time Freelancer

Two years ago I felt as if I wasn’t ready to freelance full time while living in Savannah, GA. I had spent the year before working full time for a branding agency and never even picked up a freelance gig.

How to Move Forward, When You Only Want to Move Backward

Sometimes people ask me how I can keep moving forward when so many things can go wrong all at once.