Crafting a Brand That Truly Always Moving

In the fall of 2018, we partnered with Moovd Inc. and their subsidiaries to develop their visual brand and their child brands including a refresh on their flagship, HiveBoxx. What we created together was a brand that transcended anything we'd created before it and our partnership evolved over time to other opportunities. Below we'll share a bit of the story and the process behind the work we crafted with Moovd & HiveBoxx.


About the Client

Moovd seamlessly ties service and technology together to craft a stress-free end-to-end moving experience. With their child brand HiveBoxx, they are based out of Seattle, WA with plans to expand outward through the north western United States, followed shortly by the rest of the world.


Developing the Moovd Brand

With Moovd, we first started with a lengthy bit of discovery, where we worked with the client to develop a robust profile for how we wanted to tackle the overarching brand for Moovd and the child brands as well.

Once we had an idea of how we wanted to proceed, we began a long series of sketching and ideating on some of what we discussed early on with the client. From the discovery, we decided to create a custom logotype, and the majority of these early sketches included this exploration.

When we moved into the computer with our initial concepts, we were able to quickly develop Moovd's custom logotype, making minor adjustments along the way.

After we had Moovd's logo, we began crafting a brand around it. The client wanted to infuse a bit of local culture—Seattle/Pacific NorthWest—into the brand, making it more unique than most moving companies.

The way we accomplished this was through the use of topographic map elements and directional movement through lines and arrows. We paired this with more simplistic, geometric shapes and patterns to complete the overall aesthetic of the Moovd's brand.

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Crafting Moovd's Illustration Style

Once we had the Moovd brand in a good spot we began working on crafting the illustration style for the brand. During the same discovery and research that we did with the client for their initial branding, we also spent time discussing the style discovery process as well.

With the client we were able to put together a solid idea of direction to move forward with and we started our explorations.

We ended up developing two main styles for the Moovd brand. The first we called the Moovd "flat style" which was bold and was designed for very specific use cases such as their website or future printed collateral. The second style was the Moovd "line-work style" which was more light weight and not as bold as the first.

In regards to the flat style, we create two sample illustrations, one as a header illustration featuring the move brand, HiveBoxx boxes and iconic elements from Seattle. The second style we also pulled similar elements to craft and illustration that will hopefully be used in the future as a t-shirt design and other merchandise for the brand.

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Our Solution

In the end, we were able to create a solid brand for Moovd and their child brands. The work that we created was unlike anything we had created before this.

This project marked a pretty big milestone for us in that it was one of the first projects we worked on where we were able to create a custom logotype from scratch. The end result taught us a lot about process and how we could better the work that we do both in design and how we work with our clients.

In addition to creating Moovd's brand, the illustrations we created for Moovd's style discovery helped influence our own rebrand's illustration style.