Telling the Story of Razer Portal

Towards the end of 2017, we partnered with Mavis Media to create a series of explainer videos for their client—Razer™. The videos would be explaining the power of their latest product, Portal—a new wireless gaming router that would revolutionize the gaming and wifi industries. Below you'll find the story of how we helped craft this story and bring it to life through illustrated storyboards and animation.


About the Client

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. Founded in 2005 and dual-headquartered in San Francisco and Singapore, Razer is backed by institutional investors such as IDG-Accel, Intel Capital and Horizons Ventures.

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Beginning with the Storyboarding Process

With animation projects, you'll usually have two types of talent needed to complete the project. The first talent you'll need is illustration to help develop the story visually and the second is animation to bring that story to life through movement.

For this project and subsequent projects, Mavis Media would be communicating directly with Razer and animating the explainer videos and we would be developing the illustrated storyboards and offering art direction on the boards and storyline.

We began this project focusing on the first explainer video at the start. We did this so we could develop an overall style for the illustrations used within the video and those that followed but also to make sure to gain approval and buy in from the client to move forward with the rest of the videos and not have to change things half way through on all five.

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Crafting the Story of Razer Portal

The sketching process took a couple of attempts but was nailed down and ready to move forward pretty quickly into the next phase of the storyboarding process.

We then used the sketches as references to build the vector storyboards within Adobe Illustrator. This process tends to be the most time consuming but also the most fun since you're able to see your sketches become a reality.

With vector storyboards for animation, you generally only have to create a few boards per scene of an animation which really can come in handy with time. As long as you set up certain assets correctly, the animators you work with can take a singular board and turn it into 5-10+ seconds of an animation without additional boards. Another part that comes in handy is the ability to reuse certain elements that you only have to create once for a story board. In the first video that we created, we had to illustrate a house. We ultimately used that same house in a couple of different variants throughout all 5 videos and it ended up saving us a good amount of time with both illustrating and animating.

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Our Solution

Razer™ was ultimately really happy with the videos we created for them so much so that we partnered again with Mavis Media on a few more projects for them later that year.

Our partnership with Mavis Media still remains strong today and we are constantly in talks to work on more projects together.

You can find the original animation for the first video in the Razer Portal series here on Mavis Media's vimeo account.