Helping To Re-Imagine Life Insurance

In the beginning of 2019 we partnered with Sureify to develop a unique illustration style and create illustrations for their brand new marketing site. The project spanned a couple of months and we developed a lasting friendship that continues to this day with a range of different projects. Below you'll learn more about our partnership and how we created their illustration style.


About the Client

Sureify's mission is to modernize the life insurance and annuity industry by helping companies service, engage, and sell to their customers with one enterprise platform. It's their goal to help not only their customers but their customer's customer's lives easier and their experiences more enjoyable.


Pinpointing Illustration Style Options

Whenever we start a project in developing an illustration style for a client, we try to provide 2-3 unique styles for the client. With Sureify, we crafted three styles, each of which worked well with their brand and the site they were looking to create.

As we've done in other projects, the first thing we focus on is crafting people or characters that are going to be used throughout the illustrations. Each of the three unique styles had equally three unique character styles as well—each with its unique look and feel.

The reason we use people as the jumping-off point is that they usually are constant throughout illustrations. If you have one person or character within one of your illustrations, chances are they will be used throughout or at least pop up quite often.

Once we had the people nailed down, we began looking into how we wanted to create their environment. Within the gallery below, you'll see a couple of the different options that we created and shared with the Sureify team.

Ultimately, they went with both of the options we had chosen, which isn't always the case. Once we had the style—and eventually, the color palette created— it was time to start crafting their illustrations for their actual website.

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Crafting Sureify's New Website Illustrations

Once we had their style nailed down, it was time for us to tackle all of Sureify's illustrations and icons they needed for their new website that was being built in tandem to our project. We had four pages that we needed to craft illustrations for, and the total number of illustrations was pretty impressive.

We needed to craft close to 30 illustrations and icons total for the new site—daunting yes, but doable for us in the timeframe we had.

Early on, we developed a steady rhythm with Sureify's Art Director and were able to jump on calls with him when ever we needed to share or ask questions. This helped the process tremendously and saved us multiple times from going down the wrong direction on a few illustrations.

At the end of the project, we had created not only the full 30 illustrations and icons we needed to develop but over 100 different variations, edits, and pivots along the way.

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Our Solution

Upon the completion of our first project together, we had worked with the Sureify team for close to three months. As I mentioned above, we have now worked together on three additional projects since.

Sureify's new marketing site—at least the first version—launched in July 2019 and within a few months showed a massive increase of traffic. In chatting with the Anders Houston, Sureify's art director, he told us that he believes it was the illustrations we crafted together that ultimately have helped push such a massive increase to their site. He further went on to share a bit about the outcome they saw from their new site and the illustrations.

"Upon the launch of the website we saw a 2,000% increase in traffic and a decreased bounce rate of around 200%. The illustrations and updates to our palette proved instrumental in helping us distill complex stories into easy to understand graphics."

In the time that we have worked with Sureify, we have learned so much about what they do and how they work best, and the same is mutual for them that we believe our partnership will continue and grow over the coming years.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Blue Cyclops Design Co. on this project and we’ve already started multiple additional projects based on the professionalism, high-quality output and success of our initial project. 10/10."
- Anders Houston, Sureify