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March 1, 2017

Why Is Being A Social Networker A Necessary Evil

One of my good friends asked me the other day why it's important in this day and age to publish things across the internet.

The truth is that it's now become a necessity to be a “Publisher” or in other words become a social networker. In the age of tweeting and snapping, you are encouraged to be social even by your educators and employers.

Gone are the days where most business and social relationships were made primarily by in-person meetings. Now, most freelancers or even entrepreneurs can find all of their backers or clients just on Twitter or Instagram.

The truth is that we are now in a world where personal brands are more important than corporate ones. The incredible thing is that we create these personal brands without even meaning to.

Each time you post a picture to Instagram, a video on Snapchat, or tweet that you hate the Kardashians, you are creating and expanding your personal brand. You are sharing with the world what “Richard Johnson” thinks or what he does. The short of it is that you are building brand equity and more importantly you are creating an audience.

All of your social networks are tools, tools to help you get what you want and more importantly what you need. These networks are like your business card, they are the source of your personal brand.

Why in all honesty do people care about building their personal brand? I mean there are many people surfing the web and posting on social media who could not care less about building their brand or what the hell their brand is.

But for those who are focusing more on generating recognition, an audience, clients or even a job, it is super important. Sometimes it's ok and even a great idea to be a social networker.

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