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November 25, 2019

Design Studio Spotlight: Hoodzpah

A small design studio out of Newport Beach, CA, Hoodzpah is the brainchild of the Hood sisters—Amy & Jennifer. I first met the Hood sisters in 2013 at Creative South. I've since been a massive fan of their work, and they have influenced both me and my work, especially their branding.

Since that first time hearing them speak at Creative South, I've listened to them talk many times, and I have to say that if they're speaking or holding a workshop near you, attend and see these two amazing creatives! (: 

For me, Amy & Jen have been a massive inspiration for myself and how I run my studio as well as the work that I put out and strive to create. The two of them together have done so much for our community through their talks, workshops, and their book on freelancing—Freelancing, and Business, and Stuff—which I highly recommend!

If you haven't heard of the Hood sisters, you should check out all of the fantastic work they've created below and follow them across social media.

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