Design Break Podcast

Need some company during your next doodle break? Listen in! We talk through the challenges of breaking into the creative world and making it as a full-time freelance designer.

Host and freelance designer and illustrator Rocky Roark talks with guests about all things freelancing. If you need help growing your creative career, this podcast is for you.

Learning How to Pivot When Dealing with Clients
Being Reflective vs. Reactive
What Should Go Into Your Portfolio
Discussion with A Talented Illustrator & Teacher, Tom Froese
What Work Leads to More Work?
Discussion with Art Director & Entrepreneur, Allie Mounce
Being Self Taught vs. Going to Art School
The Importance of Side Projects
Being Fired, It's Not the End of the World
Discussion with Creative Director, Stu Smith
Is it Possible to Master All Areas of Design?
Interview with Jamal Collins