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After close to a five month hiatus, we are back with an amazing interview with the very talented Allie Mounce—Co-founder of Pretty Useful Co. & Senior Art Director at Paradigm. Allie is an amazing designer and jack-of-all-trades when it comes to design. In today's episode, Allie shares her story and how she broke into the world of design and has become—in my opinion—a creative super star! She shares how she learned the skills she utilizes now when she was a junior designer and how she and her co-founder, Clare Freeman, started Pretty Useful Co. and some tips for you all to start your own side hustle.

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Nuggets of Wisdom


Create Your Own Opportunities

Something that I've shared before on the podcast and across my social platforms, Allie reigns this in home when she says "create opportunities for yourself, don't wait for other people to give them to you." You should strike to make work that you want to make or that you want clients to hire you for. Don't just wait for someone to bring you your dream project, make it happen yourself!


You Can't Bank on Going Viral

In the beginning of their launch of Pretty Useful Co., Allie and Clare found lightning in a bottle when they went viral with some of their pins and products. That isn't always going to be the case and you can't always bank on that happening. You have to be realistic and create a solid plan for whatever you're trying to do or make happen.


The Real World of Design is HARD

When she first started out Allie worked herself to the bone and not only worked hard with her day job, but also worked hard on her side hustles to get to where she is today. No one is going to hit it big at the start and you'll have to put in tons of work in order to even get to where you want to be and that's how it should be. The hard your goals or dreams are the achieve the better you will be fore it and that especially goes to the world of Design.

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Episode Show Notes

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