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Being Fired, It's Not the End of the World


In this episode we’re going to talk about being FIRED and how it isn’t the end of the world, which is very accurate. Now, I’ve known that I wanted to talk about this topic since before I even started this podcast. It's something I’ve been through three times in my life—once in high school and twice after college. It’s something that everyone will most likely experience at some point in their lives and is one of the hardest things to go through in your career. Let me let you all in on a little secret… It can sometimes be the best thing to happen to you as well. Join me in today’s episode where I talk about my experiences and how I turned a negative into a positive.

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Nuggets of Wisdom


Remember to Breathe & Give Yourself A Head Start.

If you find yourself feeling the walls are closing in on you and you think you're going to get fired, just breathe. Take a few deep breaths and then move forward. When it's clear that you're going to be given your walking papers, start looking for other opportunities, update your resume, LinkedIn, website, portfolio, etc. It doesn't matter if its a month, a week or a single day, any day you can get ahead of it and start searching for your next opportunity is worth it.


Losing Your Job Doesn’t Make You A Failure.

Anyone can lose their job at any point in time. When a recession hits, if a company loses a big client, if you accidentally spill coffee on your boss. It can happen to anyone. Don’t look at being fired as a failure, look at it as a learning experience.


Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Better of You.

The first thing that you want to do after being fired is to be emotional. Trust me, I know that all too well. I cried both times I was fired. The important thing is not to let your emotions get the better of you and instead keep them in check. As I mentioned in this episode, I made myself feel those emotions for 30 minutes after I was fired from Focus Lab, after that, I put my best foot forward and worked hard to get where I was going.

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Episode Show Notes

I know it might not feel that way at the moment, but being fired can sometimes be the best thing to happen. In my case (with my last job) it gave me the push I needed to go full-time freelance finally. It's now almost 3 years later, and I’m 100% happier than I ever was at my old job. You have to look for those silver linings with every negative thing that happens to you in life, or else you’re going to become bitter and angry and lose that happiness that abides in all of us. Keep your chin up, the future is always bright my friends.

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