April 7, 2019

Creative South Tips & Tricks

Episode Synopsis

This is a quick impromptu episode that I decided to put together for those of you attending Creative South or any other creative conference this year.

In this episode you’ll find some great tips and tricks to make your conference experience more fun and strategic to advancing your creative careers.

If you’re attending Creative South this year, please make sure to say hello if and when you see me walking around!

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  1. Don’t Bombard People with Business Cards - The overused stereotype when it comes to conferences and conventions is that you should should always attend with pockets full of business cards and pass them out to everyone. I would suggest against that and instead you focus on making meaning full connections with people.
  2. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone - Don’t be a wall flower. Go out and join other groups and make new friends. Have lunch with a new group of people that you don’t really know. If you’re traveling with a group of people from work, break away from that group. Go up to speakers or those you admire and start conversations (even if they are brief) tell them how good their talk or workshop was. The important thing is to get face time with them and hopefully make a good and lasting impression.
  3. Develop Long Lasting Connections - When you meet new and interesting people, make sure that you get their contact information, specifically Instagram or Twitter. Pull up their profile or have them do it, on your phone and screen shot their profile so you can go back and check it out later. A few days or weeks later, follow up with them by sending a direct message and ask if you can catch up on a call or in person (if you live near them). This will create longer lasting connections that you may not have made without attending the conference.

Show Notes

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