March 21, 2019

How to Deal with Being Creatively Frustrated

Episode Synopsis

Hello, podcast family and welcome to a brand new episode design break podcast. Now in this episode, we're actually changing things up. We're doing something completely different.

We're trying a new type of series within the podcast episode called the AMA series. Now that's the working title right now, that might change in post production, or might change later on. This is going to be a series of quick fire episodes where we go through and we answer certain AMA questions I received over the last year or two. From all of my amazing followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and maybe even some questions have come up from listeners of this very podcast.

So without further ado, we're gonna start with the very first episode of this. And in this episode we're going to be talking about a question I received very early on. This is a question I think is very important in a great way to lead forward in future episodes.

Now, the question came in from Instagram. The question is:

What do you do if you get discouraged or frustrated with your work?

I can definitely tell you, there have been countless times throughout my creative career going back to when I was a student in high school, all the way to even today even in fact, just like the other day, I got extremely frustrated with my work. And I have to say that over time you get this thick skin about you.

If things don't go well if your clients say that something might be crap, or if you might hear someone say, Oh, I didn't really like that. That thing that Rocky did the other day, or someone talks bad about Instagram posts or dribble shot and everything, you have to develop a thick skin for those.

But the best way to kind of get over that are to kind of get through those discouraging moment. So there's moments where you're feeling frustrated, like you're trying to do an illustration project, and you can't get the style quiet, right?

Maybe it has to do If a person's face and the facial expressions aren't working, or if you're working on a branding project, and you keep working hard trying to get these different marks and symbols or even lettering like a logo type. And it's just not getting there's just not getting quite right.

You know, take a step back. Just like breathe, go meditate, go for a walk, go watch a movie, go have lunch, go do something else. Because if you keep powering through that if you keep going in and going on and just like pushing yourself over and over and over again. That

You're just going to get burnt out, you're going to get tired, you're not going to want to continue with all this. And so the best thing to do is when you're getting frustrated, just take a step back.

For more… Just listen to the episode. (:

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