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What Work Leads to More Work?


A question that I'm always asked on social media is "How do you get more clients or projects?" The easiest answer is to post more work across your social platforms, the better question though is "What work leads to more work?"In today's episode I answer that very question and share my own experiences in the process.

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Nuggets of Wisdom


Share More Work on Social Media

In order for you to be discovered by anyone—whether its with client work or personal work—you have to be posting work on social media. Don't hold back either, post regularly between 1-2 times a day and spread out your posts on different platforms. That way people don't get annoyed if they are following you in multiple places.


Create for Yourself

Remember that our main purpose for creatives is to create—that doesn't mean just creating for clients—take some time out for yourself each day or at the very least on the weekends and create for your selves. You never know what you might find when you do or what opportunities will come of it!


Passion is Key

No matter what you may tell your client, you are going to be more passionate about the projects you create for yourselves instead of the ones you're creating for money and guess what? That is perfectly fine.

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Episode Show Notes

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