April 19, 2019

Having A Portfolio Isn't Enough

Episode Synopsis

In this episode I talk about how having a portfolio isn't enough to land you a job and/or freelance work. You need a whole lot more than just creating pretty pictures to break into the creative world.

You have to go above and beyond when you are selling yourself to your clients & potential employers and the first spot that you can do that is with your actual portfolio. I’ve seen numerous portfolios over the years (ranging in skills and experience) that show only the finished product and maybe a couple of lines of text. I was even guilty of this myself years ago.

Instead you should share your process on your site, create nice and beefy case studies that help you prepare yourself for when you have to talk about those projects in interviews and sales calls.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  1. Design Skills Aren’t Everything - It doesn’t always matter what skills you have or how good you are at doing ‘X’. Its about the process behind the scenes. It means so much more to someone looking at your portfolio to see your sketches, you mistakes and your thoughts behind what you’re doing.
  2. Share Your Mistakes & Failures - Its not always about the destination, its about the road you traveled to get there. The same is true with the work you share on your portfolio. Share as much “in-progress” shots, sketches, stickie notes and anecdotes about what you did for your projects.
  3. Customize What You Show to Each Person- If you’re interviewing at different agencies or studios, customize the projects you are showing them. Create a landing page with a welcome message to those who’ll be interviewing you and showcase 3-5+ in-depth case studies with them that relate to the work that they specialize in (and 1-2 that are a bit different).

Show Notes

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