February 13, 2019

Interview with Brad Woodard

Episode Synopsis

In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend, Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods. We talk about how he broke through and reached the top of the mountain of creative success.

One of my favorite things we talk about is his journey with his wife, Krystal, to what is now Brave the Woods. Take a listen and hear for yourself his amazing story.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  1. You Learn the Rules So You Can Break Them Later - You’ve all heard the old saying “Rules Are Meant to Be Broken” well thats definitely true when it comes to what you learn in design school. The more you know about the rules of design (color theory, typography, etc.) the more you’ll be able to bend and break them to your needs.
  2. You Won’t Find Your Style Right Away - No one “finds their style” over night, its a long long process that every illustrator, designer, lettering artists and their mother has to go through to find their visual voice. The best thing to do is to try out a lot of different styles to find what works best for you and build from there. If anyone “finds their style” day one, then they probably stole it from someone else.
  3. Be Open to Opportunity - Don’t pigeon hole yourself in some niche when you’re first starting out like “Motocross branding designer” or “Agricultural Web Designer”. Be open to trying different things and taking different types of jobs to find what you’re passionate about and what you hate doing— unless you’re making six figures doing websites for agricultural projects day one… all the power to you!
  4. Don’t Drop Your Passion Because No One is Paying For it - Don’t stop doing what you’re really passionate about just because someone isn’t paying you for it. Just because you’re working for a UI/UX agency doing web work doesn’t mean you have to stop your passion for photographing dogs professionally. Continue what you love doing, even if it’s after work or on the weekends. Never let your passions die. Goonies Never Say Die!

Show Notes

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