February 26, 2019

Interview with Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Episode Synopsis

Excited for the second episode of our Interview series, this time with one of the most amazing hand lettering artists, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn!

In our interview we sit down and talk about not only her journey into the creative world but so many other things including how she found her first agent, what it was like working with an agent and much much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  1. When You’re On Your Own, Learn to Sell Yourself - When you’re a freelancer, working by yourself you have to learn how to sell yourself and the skills you have as a creative to your clients. When there are so many other illustrators, letterers, designers, etc. out there, you have to be able to sell to them why they should work for you.
  2. You Put The Worth On Your Own Work - You are the one that sets the price on your work, not the client, not a boss, its you. We get to decide how much we charge for our work, don’t let someone say you’re not worth it.
  3. Take Time to Practice & Your Voice Will Come - This is something I’ve shared over and over again myself and that is the more you practice the better you get, the more you try the higher you climb. Over time, as you do this, your own voice and style will come to the surface.
  4. Only Share Work You’re 100% Happy With - When it comes to sharing work with clients, only share things that you’re 100% in love with, otherwise the chances of them choosing what you love or what you think works best for them out of a pool of options is very low.

Show Notes

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