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Learning How to Pivot When Dealing with Clients


A lesson I had early in my career after college was how important pivoting is when dealing with client work. It's something we all need to learn if we want to succeed not only in the creative world but in life as well. Take my experience as a lesson you can use in the future. Today's episode is based on a newsletter I released recently on learning how to roll with the punches and pivoting to client work.

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Nuggets of Wisdom


Roll with the Punches

Don't let anything that your client does or say get to you. Let it roll off of you and keep moving forward. You are going to have client say some pretty negative things about your ideas and your work throughout the course of your creative career and it's important to not let it get to you.


Communication is Key

Always keep the lines of communication open and updated frequently. Find the best way in which your clients communicate—whether it's email, slack, or even text messages. It's important to continuously talk to your client and make sure that both of you understand the status of your projects.


Leave On Good Terms

When a project comes to an end, make sure that you always leave on good terms with your clients. Don't burn bridges and give them something negative to say about you to their colleagues and bosses—because they definitely will and I know because it's happened to me before.

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Episode Show Notes

A couple of weeks back, I had an experience with a client that made me really think and reflect on how important pivoting is for creatives. It's something that is talked about quite a  bit but still not enough to teach us how to deal with it when it's needed.

There will always be moments when you're working on a project for a client where you'll need to shift gears—usually, it's something small. Other times, it can something major, such as the client not liking anything you've created.

Next, it's what we do; that really defines us and sets us apart from other creatives.

Do you sit there and stare into space for hours, letting the stress of the pivot fester like an open wound? Or do you take action and put together a plan to help lead not only yourself but your client out of whatever situation you're in?

Hopefully, you choose the latter.

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