February 7, 2019

My Break into the Creative World

Episode Synopsis

In the very first episode join the host of Design Break, Rocky Roark, as he takes us through his journey from being a novice designer in high school to landing his first jobs after college. Along the way, he shares about how he used networking and questions to rise above his classmates and on the right track for success in his career.

Join him on his journey and pick up your own nuggets of wisdom that took Rocky many years to obtain.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

1.) There Are No Golden Tickets - Unless you find yourself in a remarkable situation, no one is going to give you a golden ticket to success without you doing a ton of leg work to obtain it. You have to work you butt off in order to climb the mount of success.

2.) Winners Never Quit - Tattooed on his arm, Rocky lives by this motto and hopes to pass it along to his listeners. If you fight hard and work hard, eventually you will obtain your goals and reach the top.

3.) Failures = Learning Experiences - No matter who you are, you are going to fail. Its just how it is, and like all of the self-help gurus out there say, failing leads to some of the best learning experiences in your life. Each time you fail along the way, take stock and look deep into why you failed and what nuggets you can pull from them.

Show Notes

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