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What Should Go Into Your Portfolio


What's in your portfolio? It's something that not many people talk about besides the general line items like illustrations, logos, websites, etc. But what exactly goes into a portfolio to make it successful? In today's podcast, the first in over a year, we talk about what goes into your portfolio to help you achieve your goals—whether it's to find a job or get freelance work.

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Nuggets of Wisdom


Create A Plan of Attack

Make sure to take time and plan out your portfolio. Don't just throw up some pretty pictures on your site and say it's done. Figure out what the purpose of your portfolio will be—i.e. are you looking for a job or freelance work or both?


Show Your Process

Don't just show the finished work. Take time and show your process within your portfolio—from start to finish. Potential clients and employers are both looking for how you got to the end result from start to finish.


Never Take Your Website Down

Always have your own digital presence online—i.e. your website. Never take it down, even if you have a nice job or you think your dribbble account works better. You always should have a website up.

Design Break podcast

Episode Show Notes

This is a continuation of a new series I started on my YouTube channel designed to help you build your portfolio from the ground up. So if you'd like to, please check out those videos and even my first Creative Challenge—designed to help fill your portfolio with an awesome case study.

So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them on my Instagram account or Twitter, and please remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this first new podcast episode of 2021! (:

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