Synopsis / Preview

Our partnership with Postclick between 2021-2022 revolutionized their approach to digital ad conversions, culminating in a strategic brand expansion and a 600% boost in operational efficiency, setting a new benchmark for personalization and return on ad spend in the digital advertising realm.


In 2021, we embarked on a transformative journey with Postclick, a leader in optimizing digital ad conversions, as they undertook a rebranding initiative with the UK-based agency Ragged Edge. During this pivotal period, Rocky Roark joined the Postclick in-house team, contributing from 2021 to 2022 to significantly expand their visual brand identity, establish a comprehensive brand and marketing design system, and develop a robust brand toolkit. This collaboration, spanning a year, dramatically enhanced Postclick's operational efficiency, boosting it by an impressive 600%. Our partnership played a critical role in refining Postclick’s mission to convert ad clicks into meaningful conversions, reinforcing their position as innovators in achieving personalization at scale and maximizing return on digital advertising investment.

Discovery & Strategy

At the onset of our partnership with Postclick, our initial role was to offer design support, a process through which we deeply immersed ourselves in understanding their operations, identity, and motivations, all while they were navigating through a significant rebranding effort with Ragged Edge. Our mission was to facilitate a seamless transition from their existing brand to the new one crafted by Ragged Edge and to further enrich and expand upon this new identity.

This phase of our collaboration underscored a critical oversight common among startups: the post-rebrand phase, which involves the meticulous implementation, expansion, and consistent management of the new brand across all platforms and touchpoints. Our expertise positioned us perfectly to guide Postclick through this complex terrain, ensuring that the rebrand would be a momentary lift and a sustained evolution, reinforcing their leadership in the digital ad conversion space by maintaining a cohesive and dynamic brand presence.

Design & Exploration

Inheriting the Postclick brand, we dove into a dynamic identity that mirrored the company's vibrancy. Our initial challenge was to evolve the existing brand assets to support Postclick's prolific content production, including webinars and marketing campaigns, which quickly outpaced the initial asset pool.

We embarked on enriching the brand's visual language by doubling the pattern library, refining color usage with detailed guidelines, and crafting templates for diverse content and campaign needs. This effort streamlined Postclick’s creative process, enhancing brand consistency across their outputs.

The redesign of Postclick's responsive website was a pivotal moment, allowing us to align closely with the founder's vision and elevate the brand’s digital presence. This comprehensive brand and marketing design system not only optimized creative workflows but also solidified Postclick's innovative stance in the digital advertising landscape.

Project Impact & Legacy

Our engagement with Postclick culminated in a significant enhancement of their campaign production efficiency. Before our intervention, Postclick managed to produce 1-2 campaigns or long-form content pieces each month. By the end of our partnership, this output had increased 600%, with Postclick consistently releasing 6-8 high-quality campaigns or content pieces monthly. This dramatic increase in productivity is due in part with the comprehensive design system and templates that streamlined their creative processes.

The impact of our collaboration extended beyond operational efficiency. During our time together, Postclick secured a Series B funding round of $20 million, a testament to the strengthened brand presence and operational capabilities we helped foster. This funding achievement underscores the value of strategic design and operational efficiency in driving business growth and attracting investment.