Bird Rock Brewing Co.

We crafted Bird Rock Brewing Co., a conceptual craft brewery in San Diego, showcasing our design prowess in creating a rich, authentic brand identity that embodies artisanal brewing.


Bird Rock Brewing Co., a conceptual craft brewery nestled in San Diego's Bird Rock neighborhood, was imagined as a family-run venture, brewing unique beers and spirits since 2019. This design project, a creative exercise aimed at refining our skills and exploring the craft brewery industry we admire, envisioned Bird Rock as a potential standout in San Diego's vibrant beer scene. We developed a comprehensive brand design, from visual identity to packaging, embodying the authenticity and passion of craft brewing.

Discovery & Strategy

Diving into the heart of San Diego's craft beer scene, our team embarked on an immersive research journey to ensure Bird Rock's branding authentically resonates with the local beach town vibe and brewing community. By crafting a detailed backstory and persona, Bird Rock was envisioned with a depth that guided every design decision, ensuring our creations stayed true to the area's unique character and ethos. This approach led to a creative brief that transformed our vision into a tangible project, with us as creators and clients. Our strategy honed in on embodying the essence of Bird Rock and the craft of brewing, intertwining the symbolic imagery of bird feathers for "Bird Rock" and hops for the "beer-making process," to create a visual identity that reflects the artisanal spirit and laid-back lifestyle of San Diego's coastal culture.

Design & Exploration

In tackling Bird Rock's challenge of creating a brand identity that stands out in a saturated market, we honed in on distinctiveness and character. The BR mark, blending local imagery with brewing symbols, set the tone for our visual narrative. Our color palette strategy was to use bold, sophisticated hues that distinguish Bird Rock while maintaining its mature appeal. We chose typography with a strong, aged feel to convey tradition and reliability, reinforcing the brand's position in the craft brew scene. The project's breadth was showcased through diverse designs and mockups, including a tailored beer series, highlighting Bird Rock's adaptability and depth in the competitive craft beer industry.

Project Impact & Legacy

Reflecting on the completion of the Bird Rock project nearly five years ago, this design exercise stands as a testament to our creative prowess and, more critically, our strategic thinking. The journey of developing Bird Rock into a versatile and responsive brand not only honed our design skills but also enriched our understanding of brand building in the competitive brewery and adult beverage sector. Proudly, this project has evolved into one of our most impactful works, serving as a prime showcase of our ability to blend creativity with market insight.