Quail Hill

Our collaboration with Quail Hill in 2023 created a distinct brand identity that beautifully captures the essence of their diverse agricultural enterprise, setting a new standard for how family businesses can present themselves in the agricultural sector.


In 2023, Quail Hill approached us with the vision of crafting a straightforward brand identity for their family enterprise, encompassing various agricultural assets such as property, an almond orchard, cattle, and equipment. Through a concentrated brand sprint spanning a few weeks, we meticulously developed a brand identity that met and exceeded the client's expectations, encapsulating the essence of their extensive agricultural operations. Encouraged by the success of this initial phase, we took the initiative to expand Quail Hill's brand identity further as a creative exercise, aiming to explore the full potential of their branding in representing the rich heritage and diverse facets of their family business.

Discovery & Strategy

In embarking on the Quail Hill project, our approach was tailored to fit the constraints of a design sprint, focusing on light discovery due to budget and time limitations. This streamlined process allowed us to delve into the core of Quail Hill's business, offerings, and the family behind it. Through our exploratory phase, we gathered essential insights that informed our strategic direction, balancing efficiency with thoroughness.

Understanding the client's desire to incorporate specific elements into the brand identity was crucial. They envisioned a logo that not only featured a quail and a hill, reflecting their name, but also subtly integrated aspects of their property, such as almonds or cattle. This request guided our design strategy, ensuring that the essence of Quail Hill's agricultural diversity was captured succinctly yet meaningfully. Our strategy was to craft an identity that resonated with the rich heritage of the family business while echoing the unique characteristics of their land and operations.

Design & Exploration

In tackling the Quail Hill project, our objective was to deliver impactful results swiftly, maximizing efficiency while ensuring creative excellence. This approach was particularly crucial given the project's scale.

We developed six internal concepts, allowing us to explore a broad spectrum of ideas reflective of Quail Hill. We selected three standout concepts from these for further development and presentation to the client. This selection process honed our focus and aligned with Quail Hill's vision. The client quickly chose a direction for the logomark pretty quickly. However, crafting the wordmark required additional refinement to ensure it complemented the logo mark effectively and conveyed the brand's identity cohesively.

Driven by our passion for the project and the desire to exceed expectations, we voluntarily extended our scope to include the creation of badges and secondary marks. This expansion was about adding value to the Quail Hill brand and indulging in the creative exploration that makes projects like these truly rewarding. Our commitment to going above and beyond, even at our own expense, underscores our dedication to excellence and the joy we find in bringing a brand's story to life.

Project Impact & Legacy

The culmination of our work with Quail Hill left the client exceptionally pleased with the new brand identity, which has been actively utilized to promote their agricultural enterprise.

Beyond client satisfaction, we took the initiative to expand upon Quail Hill's branding further. This extension served as both a gift to our valued client and a creative exercise for our team, allowing us to explore new skills and fully realize the brand's potential. This phase of the project underscored our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and our dedication to seeing our clients' brands flourish in every possible dimension.