Hello, My Name is
Rocky Roark

Rocky Roark is the founder and design director of an independent studio called Blue Cyclops Design Co., based out of sunny San Diego. We specialize in branding design, illustration & strategy. We also create resources for others on our Blog, YouTube Channel & Podcast.

Rocky has created work for agencies and brands in the US, Canada & Europe including Adobe, Google, Facebook, InVision, San Diego University, Razer, Sureify & more. He shares about his work and experience under the handle @RockyRoark across social media.

He is also the founder of Slaptastick & the Design Break podcast.

Rocky Roark

Founder & Design Director
Origin Story

The History Behind
Blue Cyclops.

Over the years, Rocky has used a blue cyclops (his name is Bob) as his avatar and logo since he was a college student. When he decided to strike out on his own as a full-time freelancer in 2016, he decided to name his studio “Blue Cyclops” (later adding “Design Co.”).

You may be asking “but why Blue Cyclops?” Others have wondered the same thing but there’s actually a funny story about it. Originally, Bob came about from a poster design that Rocky created in college but after looking through old notebooks and drawings a couple of years back, he discovered a memory that was once forgotten.

In the late-90s, when Rocky was a child, he created an imaginary friend who happened to be a blue cyclops named Bob. Later in life, he fell in love with the idea of using a blue cyclops as his personal logo without remembering his child hood companion.
Creative Partners

Team Work Makes
the Dream Work

Even though Rocky works independently he does partner with some of the most amazing creatives in the world. Going to need more copy here to at least fill up this whole area right here with copy so that it has a good bit of fill in here.
Damian Kidd
Brand Design & Strategist
Chris Cannon
Branding & Ui/UX
Peter Deltondo
Art Direction & UI/UX Design
Kristin Hillary
Copywriting, Strategy & Content Manager
Our Services

We Create More Than Brands & Illustrations

Our experience is not only in creating brands, but also in telling their stories through a range of different services. It is our goal to help brands grow by sharing their passion and purpose with their audience and the world.

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Web Design

Style Discovery

Brand Strategy

Character Design


Social Media Strategy

Graphic Design