Leaping Daisy

Elevating Leaping Daisy Ranch with a visual identity that resonates with the heart of outdoor exploration, we ventured beyond initial expectations to capture its distinctive wilderness retreat.


Leaping Daisy Mountain Camp, nestled in the Sierra Nevadas, offers an off-grid mountain camp retreat for its owners, friends, and those seeking an escape from Silicon Valley's fast pace. In 2020, we partnered with this serene getaway to craft a visual brand identity that captures the essence of outdoor adventure, nature, and the spirit of exploration. The owners envisioned a brand that was fun and deeply embedded with the trappings of wilderness and adventure. As our creative journey with Leaping Daisy unfolded, we were inspired to extend our design explorations beyond the initial project scope, further enriching the brand experience on our own initiative. This allowed us to fully encapsulate the unique essence of the Leaping Daisy mountain camp experience.

Discovery & Strategy

Embarking on the Leaping Daisy project, our deep dive into the mountain camp's past, present, and envisioned future revealed a rich tapestry of stories and landscapes. Key to our strategic approach was the charming origin of its name, inspired by the owners' dog, who joyfully leaped through daisies on their newly acquired land. The project's background, enriched by the client's wealth of photos, videos, and intriguing finds like ski-lift cable spindles, profoundly influenced our design direction.

Armed with this knowledge, we crafted detailed style scapes that captured the essence of Leaping Daisy's rustic charm and highlighted a retro-inspired aesthetic that the client was drawn to. This blend of historical reverence and playful spirit guided us in developing a brand mark that resonates with the adventure and tranquility of the mountain camp, laying a solid foundation for our creative exploration.

Design & Exploration

Transitioning from discovery to design, the project took shape as we crafted a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of the mountain camp. The brand mark emerged from a blend of inspiration: the daisies symbolizing the name, the large spindles discovered on the property, and the imagery of the sun rising and setting over the mountains. This concept evolved into a versatile flower mark that captures the spirit of Leaping Daisy.

Our exploration led to the creation of two color palettes, brown/orange and dark teal/green, reflecting the seasons of operation from spring through fall. The brand's visual language expanded to include a wide range of collateral and clothing concepts, further embodying the brand's ethos.

To broaden the brand's horizon, we designed mockups incorporating vehicles, scenic backdrops, and signage, showcasing the brand's versatility. Throughout this process, we utilized AI-generated imagery to create realistic mockups and photographic samples, enhancing the presentation of our concepts. This comprehensive approach allowed us to create a responsive and adaptable brand system that truly reflects the unique character of the mountain camp.

Project Impact & Legacy

The Leaping Daisy Mountain Camp project, completed in 2020, emerged as a beacon of our creative spirit during a challenging time. Unfortunately, the 2021 wildfires impacted the property, pausing its further development. Despite this, our dedication led us to expand the brand in 2023 through design exercises, creating a more vibrant digital presence and merchandise, and rekindling the essence of Leaping Daisy. This endeavor remains one of our most fondly remembered projects, encapsulating the joy of design and the resilience to envision a brighter future for Leaping Daisy, against all odds—we hope to one day see Leaping Daisy rise from the ashes.

"Working on the Leaping Daisy project presented a unique set of challenges that pushed our creative boundaries. Despite the obstacles, the journey was immensely rewarding, blending the thrill of innovation with the joy of crafting a brand that truly resonates. This experience reaffirmed my belief that the most challenging projects often turn out to be the most enjoyable and fulfilling."
Rocky Roark—Design Director