50 Color Palettes To Inspire Your Next Creative Project

Over the years I've received many questions or comments on my use of color throughout my illustrations, branding projects and other designs I've made. Finding the right color palette for a project is very important and sometimes you need to have a color library in place in order to pick those colors for your project. In the past, my old company I worked for shared a blog post similar to this one and inspired me to write this one.

Color is one of those tricky things, its not something that you just jump into and find the correct solution in one go. Sometimes when I create something and go into color, I'll use Adobe's "Recolor Artwork" feature to use color palettes like these to instantly transform an illustration with multiple color options. Other times I'll pick and choose colors directly from my color library—in which all of these exist with even more palettes—this allows me to be more versatile with the color I choose.

Picking and choosing colors is definitely not easy but hopefully, this blog post will help make it a bit easier for you.

How To Get The Most Out Of These Palettes

Now, you can take each of these color palettes, save the images and use Adobe Color to create your own color palette library—which I encourage you to do if you're a student or don't have the money. If you'd like to save some time and pick up another 100 color palettes, you can check out my product on Creative Market which features these color palettes and more.

It's also important to remember that each of these colors here are setup using RGB, which can tend to be a bit over saturated in PNG form and "washed out" when converted to CMYK. Always make sure that you create your color profiles based on what your final creation will be used for. Use RGB/ HEX for web/mobile and CMYK/ Pantones for printing. If you need help finding the perfect Pantone color for printing you can use this finder where you simply apply the HEX value and it'll find the closest Pantone color that matches your needs.

The Color Palettes

Enjoy these color palettes but be sure to check out a special bonus at the end of the post for more resources and a special gift!

Bonus Resources

If you'd like to download all of the color palette images shown above you can find them here.

In case you'd like to create your own library, I've made in the past a video on creating your own Adobe Color CC Libraries using Adobe Capture on my YouTube channel. You can also download a piece of premium content here that will walk you through the process of finding color inspiration, using it to craft your library, and much more.

If you ever have any questions on color please feel free to DM on Instagram/ Twitter or send me an email at hello@bluecyclops.co.

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